TT World 

What is TT World?


TT World is a plataformer scroll 2D adventures game. You control TT that is an awesome small robot which  explores new planets in the universe. The objetive in the adventures of TT is to go across the planets resolving funny and amazing puzzles based on physics 2D. Enjoy with TT an interactive and immersive history behind our little hero robot. Discover new skills and new friends and new planets... a huge universe for explore wait for you. Turn on your Jet Pack and fly...

Sapi Rock

What is Sapi Rock?

Sapi Rock is plataformer 2D adventures game. You control Sapi that is a happy little caveman kid which jumps across the wonderfull lands. Scape from the enemies and collect coins and items. Sapi Rock will immerse you in beautyfull worlds full of challenges when you will solve with the skills of Sapi. Craft amazing weapons and cool friends are waiting for Sapi, go and know them...

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